About Me 

I started diving in 2008 because I wanted to become an explorer. I wanted to find shipwrecks and treasures. 
Upon completing my open water course, I started helping others with theirs and quickly realised that teaching and helping others was something that I really enjoyed. 

I quickly progressed through the ranks becoming a Divemaster within a year. After interning with numerous experienced instructors and getting a feel for how they taught diving in different ways, I began to develop my own unique style of teaching - taking the best parts of what I had observed from them and putting my own touch on it. 
During this time I also commenced my cave diving career with the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA). 

After a year and a half as a Divemaster I become a PADI Open Water Instructor. I was teaching almost every weekend certifying nearly 100 divers in my first year. 
I then progressed to the rank of PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and enjoyed teaching more advanced diving and specialties. 

After 2 years of intensive teaching, I started to gain a new passion in diving - Cave Diving. 
I would travel 5 hours to Mount Gambier most weekends, diving in the freshwater cavern and sinkholes.  I loved every minute of it. 
I started concentrating more on my own diver ratings. I completed TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco, Cave and Advanced Cave courses within 2 years. Shortly after that, I began getting into Rebreather diving. 

My advanced cave course inspired me to continue my diving career in a new direction. I wanted to be an explorer again. Not for shipwrecks, but for new caves and passages. These days I spend most of my time in caves  looking for new connections and tunnels.
I have been privileged to be involved with some great explorations projects in Timor, Elk River and the Olwolgin Cave system on the Nullarbor. 

My exploration and teaching began to get noticed by a number of dive shops and representatives. At the start of 2013 Hollis diving equipment offered me an international sponsorship as their Australian Ambassador, a position which I maintain, being very proud to be associated with such a great company that makes awesome gear. 

Olwolgin Cave opened up a new progressive path for my diving career, requiring the use of a Sidemounted Closed Circuit Rebreather. 
I purchased a Scubaforce SF2 which I used for 65 hours and then swapped to the KISS Sidekick. I now own 7 rebreathers and can teach on 3 different units. 

In 2016, I travelled to the United States to complete my TDI Instructor Trainer Course at TDI Headquarters. The course was extremely rewarding and taking the next step in my dive instruction has been exciting - now I am able to teach others to become Instructors. 

I'm a passionate explorer and teacher. Diving has become a lifestyle for me now and is slowly changing from a hobby to a full time career.

I have plans to travel to even more remote areas in search of new caves as well as to further increase my teaching abilities and become among one of the more well known and respected technical diving instructors in the world.